Background Story of the WMW.

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Background Story of the WMW.

Post by Admin on Sun May 03, 2015 1:31 pm

It all started about two years ago when I first started to street race. I just bought a Nissan Silvia S15. I wanted to make my car look cooler at first so I went looking on the internet for some bodykit parts when i found a link to a website. When I clicked the link it opened a pop-up with only a cellphone number, so I dialed it and it was a number of a illigal tuning garage. At first I was thinking I keep it legal but then I decided to just go there and get my car tuned. When they were installing the bodykit the owner came to me and said "I can upgrade your entire car for a little price, after that I can provide a spot in tonights race for you.". When I told him I wasn't racing he told the mechanics to stop working on my car and told me to go. My car wasn't done so I told him I would race that night. He let his mechanics back to work and I started worrying about how I could win the race that night. When my car was done it was fully upgraded and race ready. So that night I went to the race and there were a lot of racers standing there. One of the racers challenged me for a 4-men race with 40K winning money. So I accepted when we came to the start line I started to feel the adrenaline and i wanted to race. When the girl said "Start" i pushed the pedal to the metal and raced. I won. I wanted to race more it even felt like an addiction. one year after that I was still racing and i started to make a crew. Because of the police chases after illigal street racers my crew fell apart so now I need new crew members. And thats the time I started looking for people that can race and want to join a crew.


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